Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just some cool photos...

So Tuesday is officially my picture day from now on, so I went through some things I shot during the past few month of travels and events that were beer-oriented. I thought these were pretty damn cool. 
Above is my man, SweetWater Head Brewer Nick Nock, at the SweetWater 420 Festival. That's his lovely wife on the right looking on. Here are some other joints below. 
This is the Georgia winner of the Samuel Adams Local Longshot Competition held at Wild Wing Cafe in Marietta, Ga. (Whaddup, Ryan!). The gent pictured actually represented the homebrewer who submitted the brew, Curt Owens, but regardless, he brings home a $500 check and more importantly, a submission in the national competition. If Curt wins, he gets his brew mass-produced by Mr. Adams, his picture on the bottle, a wad of cash, and braggin' rights all the way to homebrewer heaven.
My brother Lamont actually took this one of Beer Guru Phil Farrell while we judged the aforementioned Longshot Competition. I trust Phil is a good sport for me posting this. He didn't seem to mind taking the flick. Ultimately, I have never met anyone else who knew more about the suds than this man. I am like a sponge around him. I mean hey, he was only voted the National 2011 Beerdrinker of the Year, among other accolades. Cheers, Chill Phil!
This was a nice welcome home when I got back from Thailand. I headed over to the Porter Beer Bar and noticed they replaced their taps attached to the bar with a lot more lining the back wall. I just counted 36 on tap today. Nice!!!! That's Justin pouring by the way. 
Come on, this was easy! Pittsburgh die-hard Lee Dickson, the beer manager of the Brick Store, holding up a SweetWater Exodus with his boy Rich at the 420 Fest. Lee is cool as hell and happily did the "Ale Sharpton Hold-Up," but the real seller was Da Lenchmob T-shirt! Do any of y'all know that group? Time's up! Ice Cube, Shorty, J-Dee, T-Bone and Maulkie. The came out in 1992. Holla! 
Last but not least, I just love this shot regardless if it's a few months ago. This is at the SweetWater 15th Anniversary Jam. That's Brew Scribe Ed "Da Hammer" on the left and Beer Sipper Extraordinaire K.P. on the right. What a rockin' time!
More to come!
Cheers to y'all!

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