Monday, June 4, 2012

High Gravity Hip Hop Beer Fest Was CRAZY!

This goes to you, and you, and you...
(Above) Dres the Beatnik and I are cheesin' ear-to-ear during the First Annual High Gravity Hip Hop Beer Festival this past Saturday, June 2nd. Trust me, it was bananas! Here, we are on stage kickin' it with DJ Jamad on the one's and two's. Shout out to the HGHH Founder Lenox Mercedes

I am still recovering from an incredible weekend in Atlanta. We're talking the beer brunch at Cypress Street Pint and Plate on Saturday...
The French Toast Sandwich was bangin'!

...And my brother Rashad's birthday at Deckard's Tavern on Sunday...
Happy B-Day, Rashad Suede!

... but Hosting the High Gravity Hip Hop Festival Beer Fest, the first ever Hip Hop Beer Fest, with Dres the Beatnik, Lenox Mercedes, J. Coger, DJ Jamad, and the rest of the crew was absolutely bananas! (That's a good thing, folks). Here is Lenox, the founder, and your homey Ale chilling during the calm before the storm.

I loved being the man in charge of all the brews, and since we received so much love regarding what we had to pour bottomless glasses of that night, I will be posting the legendary list of brews tomorrow as a reference to your future trips to fine package stores and pubs across the world right here on this site. There will also be some great flicks to recap one of the most historic moments in Atlanta when it comes to suds and beats!
Thanks again to you and all the hundreds of hipsters for coming through and supporting our first festival. The mission was accomplished: merging the two of the most beautiful works of art, Hip Hop and Craft Brews, into something incredible! And trust me, it's just the beginning!!!


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