Friday, June 15, 2012

Wrecking Bar’s First Anniversary is going to be nuts!

It’s been a year already and I love how this great gastropub just down the street from Little Five Points is kicking so much tail. I was there on the first day and ever since, it has been a great meeting place for us beer nerds, people who want a damn good meal (my homey Benny from D.C. has to go here immediately to get their burger when he touches down in Atlanta), a when it comes to beer you can’t get anywhere else, they do it with excellence!
So, from Friday, June 15, at noon, through the weekend, here’s what’s in store. Congrats Wrecking Bar!

First off, the first 100 people to arrive on Friday and Saturday will receive a free growler! That’s pretty damn cool.  

Second, they will be showing live broadcasts of Euro soccer matches on our big screen.

And third, here is the list of beers they’ll be rotating all weekend. Evidently, 20 taps will be flowing with some absolute craziness! 

Anniversary Weekend Beer List
1.       Kolquittsch Kölsch - A light-bodied, low-hopped, and smooth German ale.  5% ABV  23 IBU
2.       Altlanta Amber - An easy-drinking, amber-brown German beer.  5.3% ABV  33 IBU
3.       Victor IPA - A complex, hoppy, medium-bodied ale - named after the original property owner, Victor Kriegshaber.  6.7% ABV  80 IBU
4.       Jemmy Stout - A dark stout, yet with light body and creamy head.  6.0% ABV  47 IBU
5.       Hale St. Hefeweizen - A light, refreshing German wheat beer.  5.5% ABV  14 IBU
6.       Sauvin Pale Ale – A refreshing English-style Pale Ale that uses NZ Sauvin hop exclusively – very unique berry-like flavor and aroma.  5.3% ABV  36 IBU
7.       Papillon Witbier - A refreshing Belgian ale low in bitterness and with slightly citrusy and spicy aromas and flavors.  5.4% ABV  16 IBU
8.       Husker2 Imperial Red Rye - A strong American red ale with high hop bitterness and rye spiciness.  9.2% ABV  77 IBU
9.       Husker Red Rye - In the middle between an Amber Ale and IPA, easy drinking!  5.8% ABV  37 IBU
10.   Punch Yo Momma Smoked Porter - A subtly-smoked, smooth dark brown ale.  6.2% ABV  36 IBU
11.   Siberius Maximus Russian Imperial Stout - A thick, rich stout perfect for cold nights or with dessert!  10.7% ABV  74 IBU
12.   Evan Williams Single Barrel Aged Belgian Dubbel - An orange-red, moderately strong, malty, complex Belgian ale aged for 2 months in a Evan Williams Single Barrel.  8.5% ABV  20 IBU
13.   Belgian Smoked Porter – Our Smoked Porter (#10 above) fermented with Belgian yeast.  6.4% ABV  36 IBU
14.   Jemmy Dean Breakfast Stout - Our Jemmy Stout masterfully blended with Java Vino coffee.
15.   Whiskey Barrel Aged Scotch Ale - A rich caramel-malty strong Scottish Ale aged in a Collier & McKeel Tennessee Whiskey Barrel.  8.5% ABV  18 IBU
16.   Hefe Smoked Porter  - Our Smoked Porter (#10 above) fermented with Hefeweizen yeast.  6.1% ABV  36 IBU
17.   Barrel Aged Imperial Red Rye (5 gal Oak Barrel) – Our Imperial Red Rye (#8 above) aged in an oak barrel that had contained Rye Manhattan cocktails just prior to beer.  9.5% ABV  77 IBU
18.   Bourbon Vanilla Smoked Porter (11 gal firkin) – Our Smoked Porter (#10 above) aged with Four Roses Bourbon, oak, and Tahitian vanilla beans.  6.3% ABV  36 IBU
19.   Whiskey Barrel Aged Smoked Porter (5 gal Oak Barrel) - Our Smoked Porter (#10 above) aged in a Collier & McKeel Tennessee whiskey barrel.  6.3% ABV  36 IBU
20.   Spanish Cedar Aged Victor IPA – Our Victor IPA (#3 above) aged with Spanish Cedar.  6.7% ABV  80 IBU
21.   “American” Hoppy Hobbit Session IPA –  A very easy-drinking low alcohol IPA.  3.8% ABV  61 IBU
22.   Chardonnay Barrel Aged Spring Break TRIPel – our Belgian Tripel that has been aged for two months in a French chardonnay wine barrel.

Shout out to the Sandages & Co. You have done an awesome job and I wish ya many more years!

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