Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hopslam, ACAT, Cypress Street's Anniversary...

This past weekend was bananas and Cypress Street's Anniversary is tonight!
My homies holding up my stickers at the totally awesome Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting on Saturday!
Whaddup Fellow Brew Lovers!

Man, this past weekend was absolutely bananas regarding beer happening in Georgia's capital. Atlanta is truly the shizznit when it comes to the abundance and appreciation of all those wondrous ales and lagers the world has to offer. Check it:

On Friday...
My boy Jason with Square Pub hooked up the crab cakes and Hopslam on Friday!
(Photo by Mike Moore/AllWays Open Creative)
  • It was awesome hanging out at Square Pub on Friday to take part in the Bell's Hopslam frenzy (which was great as usual), indulge in Jason's great crab cakes, and do a photo shoot with AllWays Open Creative biz partner Mike Moore and some of the coolest beer representatives in the Southeast who came out of the woodwork (stay tuned for those pics). 
The Silent Night is slammin'! 
(Photo by Mother Earth)
  • Brick Store's tap takeover by Mother Earth Brewing and sippin' the Silent Night Imperial Stout which turned out to be one of the best I ever had! Shout goes to my homey Aaron Rolka (Atlanta Beer Tours), the gorgeous Andrea Janise, bro Kevin Irv and Mother Earth's new Southeast rep, Jordan! Welcome to the ATL, J-Lo!
On Saturday...
Shooting my new vid with Thrillist.com at Hop City! 
(Photo by Chris Watkins/Thrillist.com/Atlanta)
  • I filmed a new Cruisin' For A Brewsin' video collaboration with the awesome website, Thrillist.com, with the Atlanta editor and good friend Christopher Watkins at Hop City. (Whaddup, Kraig Torres!)
Fellow beer nuts Alan (HOToberfest) and Oskar Blues Pimp Dave joined in on the fun at ACAT! 
(Photo by Tryon Rosser/HOToberfest)
  • Rushing over to the Prado to indulge and cover the Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting (ACAT) with all of my beer loving homies! Now that was an awesome event! It was truly of who's who in the Atlanta beer scene. Congrats to Owen and all the EXCELLENT casks that were brewed by everyone from the West Cost's Uinta in Utah (congrats for getting 1st place!) and Lagunitas, to Georgia's Dan and Hamp's Mazurt courtesy of Burnt Hickory Brewing, SweetWater, Jailhouse, Red Brick and Wild Heaven to name a few. It was simply stellar. I can't wait to show you the flicks me and my boy Tryon with HOToberfest took!
  • Sippin' a brew (I can't remember off hand as you can understand I trust) with Oskar Blues Rep Big Dave at The Albert. Love the burger and blue cheese by the way!
On Sunday...
Happy 13th B-Day, King! 
  • Just chilled out and celebrated the birthdays of my two nephews, Kingston and Cam. I still managed to sip on some Sierra Nevada Narwhal Imperial Stout though. You know how bowling alleys are with beer. Microbrews are pretty much nonexistent so I pulled a sneak-a-rooskie of this baby (below)! 

Anyway, it is now Tuesday and you know what that means! Hopefully I will see you all at the Cypress Street Pint & Plate 5th Anniversary tonight! Peep the flyer below. If you need a refreshment on how they get down, check this video out at the bottom of the post! I love Atlanta!!!



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