Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cool ATL Beer Events on Deck this Weekend!

From Finch's Beer being served at a benefit tonight to two awesome festivals and two extras, let's kick it!

Hey y'all! I just got back from a three-week, head-spinning journey to five cities in three states. Although I loved every minute of it (look for some great pics from my travels soon), I am glad to be back in Atlanta. I always tout about how awesome the beer scene is here, and these three upcoming beer events certainly continue to prove me right! 
From helping the great local DJ Knumbskull with his bout with cancer, to two great beer festivals that step out the box when it comes to pairing beers with finger-lickin' grub, here ya go. I have already featured ATL's upcoming beer festivals for the rest of the year in my article I did with here (thank for having me on board, Eater!), but I wanted to confirm you got the memo for this upcoming weekend. 
I also added two other crazy events that could include two activities you have never witnessed; here a hint: they both incorporate people beating the crap out of each other! Anyway, check 'em ouuuuuuut! 

First up, tonight features...
Knumbskull Vs. Cancer
Get your grove on under the spell of the world famous DJ Lord of the seminal group Public Enemy, sip some great brew thanks to Chicago's own Finch's Brewery (Whaddup Andy!), and help DJ Knumbskull with his medical bills as he kick cancer's ass! I also hear some great artists like my main man Eric Nine (AllWays Open Creative and will be showing some dope art there too! The info is in the flyers above and here on Facebook. See you there!

On Saturday, March 2nd, there are two out-of-the-ordinary beer festivals that are going on. First, Atlanta's pairing beers with food trucks' finest at the...

Inaugural Taste and Brews Festival
This should be fun as you hit up a legion of food trucks who are boasting what they consider the best meals on wheels from 1 pm to 6 pm at the Food Truck Park on 1850 Howell Mill Road. Check out the deets here.

And starting an hour later on March 1st from 2 pm to 6 pm, the other fest up the road is boasting what I call the "Killer Bs": 

Beer, Bourbon, & BBQ Festival
With more than 60 beer varieties, top-notch bourbon (they often go together since brewers age their liquid bliss in bourbon-aged barrels for more, well, blissfulness), and, of course, succulent barbecue to make us "squeal like a pig" so they say. Can you hit up both events? I surely am!

Oh, and as a bonus, there are two other events that are eyebrow raising and unlike anything I'm sure to have ever witnessed live... 

Monstrosity Championship Wrestling
The beer selection might be limited, but once a tooth flies, you will forget all about that! This is on Friday, March 1st, at Famous Pub starting at 8 pm. More info is on their Facebook page  here.

And last, how about the clash of the titans, sumo-style? 

LivingSocial's Sumo + Sushi

Yep, Japan's ancient form of body bashing is being held by Living Social at the grandiose Opera Atlanta club Saturday and Sunday. Plus, there's spicy tuna rolls, and sake galore to wash them down! I am not sure about Sapporo or Hitachino beer, though. For more details, here you go!

Look for my coverage of all the airport hopping I've been doing later, but for now, let's kick it!



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