Monday, November 18, 2013

Ponce de Leon Beer Fest was a trip!

Kickin' it with Matt the Beer Sommelier, the Twain's Posse, Scott Hedeen & Co. (Burnt Hickory), Reid Ramsey (Beer Street Journal), Simon (Savannah Distribution), and Matt the sipper at the VIP section of the Ponce de Leon Beer Fest.
Check out these pics from Saturday's ATL beer fest.

Hey Fellow Craft Beer Lovers!

I have been on the road including Miami and New York City, so my apologies with the wait on my update. It's been crazy! Stay tuned with some updates on some great beers I came across, plus photos showing off some slick brew spots and hot rides I saw at the Miami International Auto Show.
Anyway, a nice welcome home present, I went to the Ponce Beer Festival which was truly a different experience since it was at the gorgeous Shriner's Yaarab Temple on Atlanta's always happening Ponce De Leon Avenue and all. The cause was a good one (raising money for the Children's Hospital), some great beer was poured and most importantly, good people attended including some of my favorite personalities in the suds industry. I wanted to share a few of my pics for you. 
And like I said, so much more is in store for this site. Sorry for the wait!

Your homey,
The always jovial organizer Rebecca Jennings. Whaddup Becca!
Inside the temple.
My boy Brian Purcell with Three Taverns Brewery poured me sip of their new Feest Noel Dark Belgian-Style Ale. This thing is going to rock the beer scene! Deliciously spiced up. 

The new Max Lager's tap handles get their debut!
Beer soap SoapZilla kept things clean during the fest. 
And the writer for the blog Beersouth introduced me to this dude named Sam Van Eeden who was a total trip. He took the coordination of colors to new heights by painting his toenails red to match his shirt and beret! He was big as hell so no one joked with it and respected his individuality. I know I did. Cheers to him!


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