Friday, March 28, 2014

Cocktails With Ale Part 2: Cathead Vodka and Three Taverns unite at Argosy!

Let’s take a sip of Armando’s Honeylion cocktail using Cathead's Honeysuckle vodka and Three Tavern's Single Intent Belgian-style ale!

In the first installment of Cocktails With Ale, I featured an in-depth interview with the co-founder of Cathead Vodka, Richard Patrick, here. We had a ball discussing the history of Cathead’s burgeoning vodkas, the trickery of the spirits industry, and his venture’s altruistic support of particularly Mississippi’s historic blues scene.
Now, using the Cathead Honeysuckle as the chief ingredient, I challenged the co-owner of one of Atlanta’s hottest craft beer bars—the Argosy’s Armando Celetano—to invent a cocktail with Richard’s cherished product and an award-winning local brew I picked out to embrace the oncoming spring. With ThreeTavern’s Single Intent Belgian-style ale and Cathead’s Honeysuckle in front of him, Armando created the “Honeylion”; he fused the Honey in Honeysuckle and a dandelion which represents the coming of spring. His biz partner Donald Durant (below) looked on as “A-Plus” showed off his mixing skills.
After tasting it on a sunny afternoon in East Atlanta Village, I was honestly impressed with the Honeylion’s refreshing balance of sour and sweet from the Limoncello Luxardo and Honeysuckle; Single Intent’s subtle spiciness; plus the spritzy mouthfeel the ale and soda water provide. Overall, if I could describe it, think of an organic version of Sprite with a splash of honey, an herbal nose, and potent 70-proof kick of premium vodka.
Here are the play-by-play highlights of my homey Armando making his signature Honeylion cocktail which will be available at the Argosy to help you sip in the new season.

First, pour 1.5 ounces of Cathead Honeysuckle in a mixing cup.

Add one ounce of Limoncello Luxardo.

Squeeze a quarter of a lemon.

Add a dash of Regan’s Orange Bitters.

Add ice.

Shake it like a Polaroid picture. (Actually, a lot more vigorously.)

Pour, add about two ounces of soda water, and float some of our locally brewed Three Taverns Single Intent. Watch the colors blend. Garnish with a twist of lemon peel. Enjoy!

Photo by Argosy's Emily L. Beck
Cheers to ya from 
Donald, Ale, Armando, Cathead and Three Taverns!

Look for another installment of Cocktails With Ale soon! Who knows what spirit and cocktail will make history next?!

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