Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Most Gangster Fries in Atlanta: Wrecking Bar

You know any better? Holla at me!
Hey y'all!
Plain and simple, who has better fries in the ATL than Wrecking Bar? I was enticed and enlightened by these babies during a recent bottle share there on Sunday. 
Yes, I was starving but still, when it comes to brew and food, I am pretty damn picky about what I put in my body. With that being said, when I saw those fresh, hand-cut, cured slices of Burbank potato goodness fried in Canola oil, it was a wrap. The knockout punch was Head Chef Terry Koval making it rain with a lil' Morton's kosher salt to complete the culinary seduction. 
And the odd thing is, they are so good that I could eat them at room temperature if I had to and that means a lot! Cold fries are simply gross to me; gross to the level whenever I go to Chick-Fil-A (another guilty pleasure once a month), I order their fries with no salt so that they have to make a fresh batch, which guarantees they are served blazing hot. Still, with all due respect, Truett Cathy's crew's not effin' with Wrecking Bar's. The perfect crispiness on the outside, a soft middle, the tasteful earthiness of the skin at both ends, plus three dipping sauces (although I am loyally a Heinz man any other time) closes the deal. Oh yeah, their world class brews including the Siberius Maximus Russian Imperial Stout series, Hop Noggin Imperial IPA, among others don't hurt either! 
Now don't sleep on Grindhouse, the Fry Guy, Porter Beer Bar, Leon's full Service, or Holeman & Finch to name a few, but I am throwing up gang signs for WB until further notice. 
Please let me know via Twitter (@alesharpton) or in the comment section below if you could suggest any in tGeorgia's capital that rival these bad boys. 

Happy sippin'...and chompin'!


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