Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Boulder Beer adds the gangster Shake Chocolate Porter to Brewer's Dozen 12-pack!

The Shake's my favorite 
Boulder beer for real, so Yes!

Cheers Y’all!

I just got back from Vermont and finally got a breather! I had to just show some quick love and let you know that Colorado’s first craft beer company since 1979, Boulder Beer, has swapped out their Sweaty Betty Blonde Hefeweizen with my favorite brew they make—the Shake Chocolate Porter—in their seasonal Brewer’s Dozen variety 12-pack. And rightfully so. This silky smooth, liquid dessert in a bottle has been kicking major tail, garnering awards and the whole nine. It only made sense.
“The momentum we’re seeing with Shake Chocolate Porter and its recent Gold Award in Chocolate Beer at the 2014 World Beer Cup warranted bringing Shake into the Brewer’s Dozen mix,” my homey and Marketing Director for Boulder Beer Company Tess McFadden says straight from the brewery. They also pimped out the 12-pack’s packaging. Tess adds, “With that change we also had the opportunity to refresh the graphics and decided it was time to brighten-up the package and bring more focus to the brewery name and where the beer was crafted.”
So now it’s the Porter joining their Hazed & Infused, Mojo IPA and rotating Brewer’s Choice mystery beer in the Brewer’s Dozen.
And to keep things extra, they told me they have a little promotion going too, called “Find My Phone.” Check it:
“We are dropping cell phones into numerous boxes with a programmed number to call when found. The lucky customers who find a phone in their Brewer’s Dozen call the brewery and win Boulder Beer gear. The idea for the promotion blossomed when one of their production employees, without realizing, dropped his cell phone into a Brewer’s Dozen while hand-sorting the bottles. By the time he figured out what happened and tracked his phone’s whereabouts, it was already somewhere in Pennsylvania!”
- Boulder Beer Co.
Already sent out as of last week, these 12-packs are hitting up all 37 states where Boulder Beer is distributed, including Georgia. Hell yeah!

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