Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Three Taverns/Saltyard Beer Dinner is tonight!

The wait is over! Here are some answers to questions I received...

Tonight is the night and after doing a lot of features on the our upcoming Beer Dinner tonight at 7 pm, including interviews with Saltyard's Executive Chef Nick Leahy HERE and Three Taverns Founder and Brewmaster Brian Purcell HERE, the time has come. To answer a few more questions I received today, here ya go:

Is the $55 all-inclusive including tax and gratuity? 
Absolutely! It is a hell of a deal at the end of the day. Everyone will leave happy. 

I didn't make reservations. Can I just show up? 
Yep! While supplies last that is. It still would be nice to call ahead because there are only so many mussels we can cook, though

I don't eat pork. Can I have something else besides the sausages for the first course? 
We've got you covered. No problem. You will be eating something else that fits your dietary restrictions. 

What about parking? 
It's complementary valet! 

Besides that, just come on by and let loose. You know we will!



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