Tuesday, September 15, 2015

It's a Monday Night Tap Takeover at Brick Store Today!

Try their new 12% wheat wine called Laissez-Faire starting at 5 pm, ya heard?


My homies at Monday Night Brewing continues to step their game up going more and more out the box of their already consistent portfolio of liquid goodness for the past four years. This time around, it’s the introduction of their new 12 percent ABV wheat wine called Laissez-Faire—their most limited of the Black Tie Series so far. Of course, pouring this first timer at one of the best beer bars in the world, Brick Store, along with some other goodies doesn’t hurt either! everything starts pouring at 5 pm.
Here is the official description of Laissez-Faire and the rest of the taps flowing straight from Joel Iverson, Monday Night’s “Operations Guy”:

Monday Night’s Joel Iverson says: 

Laissez-Faire, a 12% wheat wine that has been aging in fresh single-use Jordan Winery Cabernet barrels for almost one year. This will be our most limited Black Tie Series release to date, and it’s pretty special. One of our brewers was a former winemaker and was able to source these great barrels and the notes from the Cabernet and French oak created some fantastic notes over time. The name is a throwback to some of our early barley wines we’d make in the garage and the realization that letting the invisible hand do its work on the beer and not touching it for a long time can be a beautiful thing (and yes, I am a bit of an economics dork so this beer has a special place in my heart).

Tie 4 On, an 11% Quad Aged on Oak was our 4 year anniversary beer. To celebrate 4 years we used 4 malts and 4 hops to create this Belgian Quad. It clocks

Spirit Animal, a 5.5% sour ale aged on French oak and rose hips. This beer was a fun one to make. After a 3 day kettle souring we loaded it up with rose hips in the whirlpool, then aged it on French oak following fermentation.  It rounds out nicely and is a delicious beer for both the sour aficionados but also people more new to the style.

Bed Head Coffee IPA, 8.4 % Imperial IPA with Batdorf Bronson Coffee. This was a beer we released last year as part of our black tie series and we went back and did a small batch to celebrate our 4 years. Beer and Coffee are probably the beverages that make up 90% of my liquid consumption, and this beer brings together the best of these. We worked with our friends at Batdorf Bronson to do a custom roast of an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee that pairs nicely with the hops in the IPA and we use a cold extraction to bring out a lot of the floral notes from this coffee.

Blood Orange Blind Pirate, a 6.5% IPA with Italian blood orange juice. This is the newest beer in our clip-on series. It’s loaded with Simcoe, Citra, and Comet hops but as you sip it you get the complementary flavors of the blood orange juice.

Serrano Eye Patch, a 6.2% IPA with serrano peppers. We released this as a tasting room experiment last year and people went crazy over it. Pepper beers can go many different ways (coming from a guy who got duped into trying some crazy ass ones out in New Mexico a few years back that almost made me every want to try one again).  Peppers are also super subjective but we tried to bring out the notes of the Serrano peppers without burning off your tongue, unless you have a super sensitive tongue.

Nitro Drafty Kilt, a 7.2% Scotch Ale. One of my greatest moments was having Charlie Papazian, the writer of the book that got me into homebrewing, rave about our Drafty Kilt after it won a medal at the world beer cup last year. If you haven’t tried the Nitro version we release limited numbers of these and I would highly recommend.

Cask of Gun Show, an 8% Belgian Strong Ale with fresh pears. We added hibiscus, orange peel, and galaxy hops and was lightly soured for some tart notes.

It kicks off at 5 pm please come and join us!

Sound good? I say hell yeah!



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