Monday, March 21, 2016

10 Ways Beer is Good For Us!

This Infographic below says so!

I know my blog updates have been a little sporadic due to all of my traveling lately (look for coverage of my beer-hopping trips soon), but here I am! 
After exploring a few of Washington D.C.’s craft beer bars this past weekend like Meridian Pint, Churchkey and Brookland's Finest, along with D.C. Brau who always shows me love, I have tasted quite a few—okay, a lot—of wonderful ales and lagers on this trip. When Monday hit, I checked my emails and saw something that reminded me my consumption was doing my body some good thanks to the infographic I received from a company called WebstaurantStore titled “10 Ways Beer Makes You Healthier.” 
As many of you know, I am already a sucker for infographics especially when they make sense for my site and provide some helpful facts complemented with illustrations. This one surely fits the bill since so many of my cherished readers want to know how beer is good for us.

Anyway, check this infographic out and links to its sources of research below for a more detailed explanation on the ten facts.
·         Beer and Type 2 Diabetes
·         Beer and Kidney Stones
·         Beer and Hydration Levels
·         Beer and Heart Health
·         Beer and Cognitive Function
·         Health Benefits of Beer
·         Beverages and Kidney Stones
·         Beer and Gastric Acid

Ultimately, take what you want from this, still drink moderately, and enjoy the best beverage in the world for as long as you can.



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