Thursday, April 7, 2016

The History of National Beer Day Y’all!

A lil' share with my Brew Tang Clan at my spot...
Here is a quick breakdown on how it got started.

Today’s A Good Day!

Any day named National Beer Day has to be special off the bat; the reason April 7th was declared such an honor was due it being the first legal time to pour a beer post the infamous 13-year Prohibition in 1933 thanks to the Cullen-Harrison Act signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The evening prior to this was creatively termed New Beer’s Eve with folks waiting in line for midnight to strike as if Russian River’s Pliny The Younger was being poured. Reportedly a million kegs were popped the next day. 
I concur! Shooter unknown.
The 21st Amendment made everything official and graciously got rid of that haytin’ ban on selling suds and spirits on December 5th, 1933. (Hence, one of the best breweries in the nation is named after that Amendment based in San Fran, ya dig? Check it.) Of course, there were still some hurdles to eventually jump, including increasing the alcohol limit from an extra sessionable beer maxing out at 3.2 percent by weight (4 percent by volume), but that was how they got down back then.
Oh! And to show some respect to the godfather of National Beer Day, I read that a beer-loving cat named Justin Smith out of Richmond, Virginia helped make this day an official holiday for us imbibers in 2009 using Facebook for the launchpad. (This is his breakdown on how it got started here.) Hey Justin, if I ever see you in person, expect a fist bump and beer on me!
Anyway, look for my Tweets and Instagrams celebrating this sippin’ holiday. I'm off to plan Part 2 of my Brews. Brims. Beats. II event and then it's chill time.
Happy sippin’ Mr. Smith, all of you reading this, and craft beer supporters around the world! I hope you celebrate this day in style with some gangster brews. You know I will!


Your Homey,


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