Monday, May 9, 2016

The 2016 Craft Brewers Conference in Philly was dope!

My interview with Taphunter was awesome, too! 

Hey Y'all!

Man, I had a blast at the 2016 Craft Brewers Conference in Philadelphia from May 3rd to the 6th and finally got a chance to update. I met some great people, caught up with old friends in the industry, saw some awesome innovations to make the world of craft brewing more resourceful, got interviewed by Taphunter, and, yes, sipped some great beer in the process. The week-long event ran smoothly—a tough feat for a convention that hosted more than 14,000 attendees geared to expand their businesses—and the City of Brotherly Love once again demonstrated its dedication for the art of craft brewing.
Rogue, Omaha, Three Taverns, Red Brick,
Max Lager's and Taco Mac in the house!
My bud Alan Raines (Hotoberfest, Cruisin’ For A Brewsin’) joined me in covering CBC, took some awesome flicks of what we explored, and attended some of the kickass gatherings hosted by breweries like Terrapin, Allagash, Dogfish Head, Lagunitas, Oskar Blues, Wicked Weed, Revolution…it was a whirlwind.
I also hit up some craft-centric bars and pubs in the process, including Monk’s Café, Belgian Café, Khyber Pass Pub, BRU, Kite and Key, and McGillan’s Old Ale House to name a few. I had the pleasure to link up with Georgia-based brew aficionados and shotcallers reppin’ Three Taverns, Taco Mac, Max Lager’s, Orpheus, Omaha, Terrapin, Red Hare, Scofflaw, Savannah Distributing, United Distributing, Moon River, Red Brick and ton of other folks. Look for a ton of pictures soon!
Anyway, one of the most memorable things that happened (along with pounding beers with my man—Dogfish Head owner and brewing icon Sam Calagione—and befriending Justin Bieber’s chef Daniel Leal), was being interviewed by Andy “The Beerman” Coppock representing Taphunter.
Andy “The Beerman” Coppock
Andy (left), his associate Matt O'Rourke, Alan, and I grabbed leather couches a level up from the main show floor, sipped my imperial coffee stout I made with Little Cottage Brewery’s Jon Shari, and talked primarily about the lack of minorities (especially African Americans) in the brewing industry. This is a deservedly hot topic and ongoing discussion that I happily will entertain until things change. Taphunter—a great service that assists us in finding where our favorite beers, cocktails and wines are depending on our location—broke down our interview by posting this on their site:
In this special CBC episode of the Business of Beer with Andy “The Beerman” Coppock, we are joined by Ale Sharpton, world-renowned beer writer. Ale joins us from the busy CBC floor to talk about African Americans and craft beer, turning people on to craft from macro beer, how to sell more beer in urban areas, and much more! You don’t want to miss this special edition podcast.
I also loved how there put our various topics in a time summary so you can go to whatever you’re interested in right below it.
Please check out this interview and let me know what you think. I thank Andy and Taphunter for the opportunity and interest. It really made my trip complete.
Look for the awesome beer dinners coming up this week and my listing of events during Atlanta’s Craft Beer Week the following week too. This especially goes for my event with Creature Comforts, Goorin Bros., Cathead Vodka, and Ladybird Grove and Mess Hall on May 19th, Brews.Brims.Beats. II!


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