Thursday, March 2, 2017 interviews me on their dope site!

One of the top beer websites in the world did a feature on me and I have you to thank.

Cheers Everyone!
Okay, so I am in Utah and California working on some projects, articles, and reviewing the incredible all-new Land Rover Discovery for most of the time. (It is seriously gangster.) Anyway, when staying at one of the most mind-blowing hotels in the world—the Amangiri—I didn’t have any mobile coverage because it is straight up in the mountains away from everything.
Well when I finally get back to civilization, all my emails, texts and social media alerts hit my phone all at once, but seeing this interview with me and talented writer Jay Wood for blew my mind straight up. It was so well done. All I did was keep it 100 with Jay, sent them two of my favorite profile photos taken by my homies Christopher Watkins and Natrice Miller (The Cultured Lens), and boom, a gangster piece!
I thank you, the readers of this blog, followers of my social media handles, attendees of my events, beer lovers throughout the world, and my people who have supported me to the point of getting recognition like this. Please read this when you get a sec. I trust you will dig it. You know I did!
Shout out to Jess Baker, the big cheese at, too!



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