Saturday, May 5, 2018

Check out your homie Ale in the all-new 'Atlanta Drinks' episodes!

Somebody crazily dedicated to promoting the craft beer scene in especially Georgia is going to be making a few appearances during the dope Atlanta Eats shows through October. Guess who that is?! Yep, aptly called Atlanta Drinks: Tower Brewery Tours, I will be visiting Orpheus Brewing the first episode which will air during Cinco De Mayo (how appropriate!), so check me out at 7 pm on CBS affiliate Peachtree TV! If you can’t wait to see it live or are already stuffing your face with tacos, brews and margaritas, here is a sneak peek!
Matter of fact, since you are showing love by reading this, here are all six breweries I am visiting along with the episodes! They are all short and sweet nestled inside the full Atlanta Eats episodes:
Sweetwater Brewing Company
Second Self Beer Company
Red Brick Brewing Company
Orpheus Brewing
New Realm Brewing Company
Monday Night Brewing
Let me know what you think and thanks again for your support during my ongoing journey to unveil the countless wonders of craft beer.

Your homie,

For more info, hit up the Atlanta Eats website. 

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