Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Der Biergarten Mural Video

Der Biergarten's exclusive video debuts here!
Okay, fam, Der Biergarten’s officially in Ale’s house!

Yep! Below is the exclusive release of a time-elapsed video capturing the ridiculously talented  Alexi Torres Alonso painting the awesome (and sexy) mural of a beer maid outside of the new brew speezot called Der Biergarten right next to Stats on Marietta Street (300 Marietta Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30313; 404.521.2728) in the heart of downtown Atlanta! It’s an authentic outdoor/indoor biergarten that brings Germany right to your doorstep (and saves our asses a stack of Benjamins for a plane ticket). I mean, hey, they have the gigantic liter glass steins, an extensive roster of brews to choose from, sauerkraut, strudel, those crazy-named sausages and even an oompah band hittin’ keys on those spirit-lifting accordions!

As we all know, I try to show love to any business centered around brew, but the cool people over at Der Biergarten took it to the next level and asked me to make this site the exclusive debut launch for the captivating video below! Not only was I honored, but I asked music producer extraordinaire and Earkraft co-founder Rashad Suede to hook us up with the perfect track called “Peace To Brother Elvin” to complement this trippy time-warped art exhibition. Mr. Suede did it because he, too, loves the brews and scoring films, so it was a no-brainer. Bottom line, the track fit so perfect it was eerie and the rest is history!

So check out this video, show love in the comment section, round up your crew and get your sippin’ on at Der Biergarten (www.derbiergarten.com).

See you there!



BTW, if you want to link up with Rashad Suede and check out more of his eclectic portfolio of music mastery, just shoot me an email at aleharpton@gmail.com and I will happily link you.
Oh! And a shout out to Molly and the Polished PR posse for making this happen! Visit them at www.polished-pr.com.


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