Monday, November 8, 2010

Operation Miami: 8 Oz. Burger Bar

Operation Miami: 8 Oz. Burger Bar
Miami's 8 Oz. Burger Bar "Flight" was just aiiight for brews
but their burgers looked like serious biz!
Hey Brew Crew,
I know it has been a minute but I was caught up in Miami for the car show. Of course, I am in Ale Sharpton mode when the work is done soI had to find a gangster brew spot with at least twenty taps, great pub food and maybe a cask or two. No dice.
It turns out that I am spoiled with the the abudance of excellent beer spots Atlanta is blessed with. Seriously, my boy Donald, the cat who runs the awesome Taco Mac Metropolis off of 11th and Peachtree, had me hyped up to go to a spot called 8 Oz. Burger Bar which happened to be a block away from my Mondrian Hotel. The freakin' chances!
Unfortunately, I git a kick in the nads right from the start. When I called ahead at 10:30 pm to see if the LA Lakers game was on one of their televisions, the hostess exclaimed, "Yeah! We got it on for ya!" I practically skipped there and it was the damn LA Clippers instead! This is an understandable mix-up to the masses but a dagger in the heart for a true Laker fan! Pissed, I settled for the Clippers' Blake Griffin dunks as I studied the slightly above par draft list that couldn't carry the jock's strap of Atlanta's T-Macs, The Porter or Brick Store to name a few. I ended up getting "The Flight" featuring the Stone IPA, Shipyard Pumkin Head Ale, Victory Prima Pils and Left Hand Milk Stout. I did the best I could, but at the end of the night, I threw in the towel and headed to my hotel suite (which was actually pretty damn hot). Check it out: 
The Mondrian in Miami
Burger Bar photo borrowed from
I will give 8 Oz. credit though, the manager was cool as well as the server (who was a disappointed Lakers fan as well), but the most prominent thing about this spot was their burgers which looked good as hell and everyone was ordering them. (Then again, they wouldn't name it the 8 Oz. Burger if they sucked!) Since I was super full from a gangster meal at a wonderful Italian gourmet spot called Il Mulino at the Acquilina Resort so I will have to see what the deal is with those burgers on the next go-around in south Beach or their LA location, but as far as beer goes, there is much to be desired from an ale snob like myself! I think I will hit up the South Florida Beer Blog, or my beer and cigar-loving homey Papi Grande for suggestions when I hit up Miami on the next trip.
Until the suds settle...

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