Thursday, January 27, 2011

A practical use for a Budweiser!

The Ultimate (and cheapest) Snow Measuring Device: Budweiser!
Hey Brew Lovers! What's good?

I know there are a ton of us especially on the East Coast freezin' their tokkus off thanks to Old Man Winter still being pissed about something! Well, to combat the grief of shoveling and being delayed from demanding responsibilities due to those damn blizzards, there is always a warming ray of humor that is always welcome during these times. Gifted writer and my homey, Ryan Rees, was shoveling some 6-7 inches of snow off his driveway in Ellijay, Ga., and sent me a photo of what I consider the ultimate instrument to measure the snow's depth on the roof of his car. Voila! A practical use for a Budweiser!
So from now on, if you want to help out your local meteorologist, tote a can of Bud with ya in the trunk to be on the safe side in case you're rolling. Hopefully you won't need a six!

Thanks for the photo, Ryan! You can see some of his great car reviews @

Stay warm, fam!


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