Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beer Geek Tuesday Tonight! Cypress goes on 3 years in style!

Awwww man, I know. There is a major beer event tonight and I won't be going 'til late! Cypress Street Pint & Plate is celebrating their third year serving awesome fare and slinging some of the finest brews on this side of the Mississippi tonight starting 8 (VIP is @ 7), and I won't be in the house until way after. I am like Spike Lee and doing the right thing, taking Ma Dukes to dinner at Livingston and then seeing West Side Story at the Fox. That production has a history with us and with her being one of the most cherished people in my life, a survivor and just to the coolest, I gotta do what I gotta do. I hope my homey, Wes, who runs the brew there, saves me some sips. Just to rub it in, he sent me the list of lovelies on tap:

Terrapin Cask Black Saison aged on Black Peppercorns (Say what?)
Hebrew Cask Lenny Rye aged on Cedar Simcoe (Whoa!)
Terrapin Hoptaneous Combustion (Smmmmokin'!)
Terrapin Sound Czech (Crispy!)
Terrapin Big Daddy Vladdy (Unlike Divac, No flop here!)
Bells Hopslam (They, uh, ran out. Yeah, that's it. Don't order any!)
Founders Nemesis 2010 (Yep!)
Founders Breakfast Stout (One of the best!)
Wild Heaven Ode to Mercy Special Winter Ale (Lawd!)
Lost Abbey Gift of Magi (California knows how to par-tay!)
Jailhouse Smokey Wheat (And you know this, maaaan!)
Bells Batch 10,000 bottles (They're jingling, baby!)

If you are truly my peoples, save me some damn brew!

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