Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ale Sharpton TV in full effect!

Cruisin' For A Brewsin' launches Episode 2: 'Ale Does Shots!'

Well it's on again! I couldn't wait to launch the second episode of Cruisin' For A Brewsin'! Leeman with Luxeve did a terrific job on the Sunday Sales piece, and my homey Keven Digital for KRJ Productions kept the quality consistent with my visit to the Sandy Springs Gun Club and Range. Please go to my Vimeo channel here and see the result of some pure talent. I hope it loads up smoothly for ya. A lot of people love YouTube so I try to utilize both services.

Anyway, hitting up the Sandy Springs spot, I had a blast there (no pun intended). Besides the lounge, variety of firepower, personable service and overall decor, I thought it was interesting that the range is owned by two women. Thanks to the super cool Arleen giving me the tour, her shooting lessons that followed were totally on point. I have (a-hem!) unloaded a few rounds in past (all recreational), but I went along with Arleen's beginner's instruction and still learned a lot about the pistola.
Tackleberry holding his best friend!
So does this make me a brother version of the trigger-happy Tackleberry from the Police Academy flicks? Slow down. I'm all about peace, love and brew, but you got to admit: the power, design and constant media exposure those firearms get made it a no-brainer to head to this location just outside the perimeter and safely release some stress by swiss-cheesing a zombie (they had pictures of them on some targets). In fact, I honestly would love to go back and put some even more impressive holes in targets. I mean, hell, I shot a happy face on one. Maybe next time I will do a frown to make it more gangster!
Anyway, enjoy the videos, leave a comment and keep showing the love by spreading the word. I really appreciate it! I will return the favor by continuing to keep you in my thoughts in regards of keeping things outside the box. Stay tuned for the next episode which is going to be awesome!

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