Monday, March 7, 2011

Brew Your Cask Off Winners

 Some of my samples prior to the madness. 

Man, the second annual Brew Your Cask Off this past Saturday was a mad house! Packed to the brim with brew lovers from all over Georgia came through to check out the one-time casks created by retailers, organizations, brewmasters and homebrewers at SweetWater Brewery's headquarters in Midtown Atlanta. Since I was one of the judges, I got an early seat to see what was in store for this year's extravaganza. Off the bat, the quality and workmanship of remixing the base beer provided by SweetWater was so much better than last year; so much to the point that the wall-of-shame category, The Biggest Loser, got kicked to the curb. Impressive! 
Anyway, I will be adding more pictures and the official press release later on but I wanted to make the word was out in terms of who won on Saturday. Congrats!!!!


1st PLACE:  Cask #38 Final Gravity Home Brewers | Lika-Titi-Coco Porter

2nd PLACE:  Cask #1 The Porter Beer Bar | The Sch’it
3rd PLACE:  Cask #75 Fontaines | Two Pump Chump

Cask #62 Cypress Street Pint & Plate| Samhain

SweetWater said: "We had so many amazing brews this year that we seriously had a hard time picking a loser for loser’s sake.  So we have decided to retire the golden toilet seat this year!"

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