Friday, April 22, 2011

Three more crazy beer tattoos!

Whaddup!!! It's Easter Weekend so I trust most of you got half a day off on Good Friday, right? Well, even if you didn't, you have found the time to check out what your boy Ale has brewing. Thanks for the visit!
Now, since I had such a great response to the last posting I did showing a crazy beer tattoo, why not deliver another one for ya? Or two? Better yet, make it three! Enjoy!

Tattoo #1: Life Is Short

I like this one because you've got the barley, a beautiful hop cone in the background and what looks like a pale ale in the correct glassware. Judging the beer's color, I'd say it could even be an IPA, but not an imperial one because that would mean one of those 11-oz. glasses with a stem that bars would charge a couple bucks more for. Either way, this one gets a thumbs-up. Nice!

Tattoo #2: Free Beer
That must be something potent he's smoking because this cat is seriously proud to show off this 8-fingered masterpiece. Free beer is cool, I guess, but usually when it comes without cost, it also comes without body, mouthfeel, aroma, taste...need I go on? Not a good look here. Finding a gig will be a pretty damn challenging task, ya think? Well, wait, surgeons wear gloves, right? 

Tattoo #3: Can you stomach this?
I'm sorry, but since my mind has been permanently scarred from this image, so should yours! The last tatted beer belly that I posted here was a lot more clever than this one. Rod is missing an apostrophe and most importantly, dignity. But hey, the font is hot. The navel is not. Eeew.

Have a Happy Easter weekend! 

Oh! And a shout out to my late Grandpa Ken who was born on Good Friday and passed on Good Friday. Yeah, I know it's crazy. It's gotta mean something, right? 



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