Thursday, May 19, 2011

The new SweetWater Waterkeeper Ale

The largest brewery in the Southeast, SweetWater Brewery, based in the heart of Atlanta, Ga., continues to be at the top when it comes to charity and nature preservation. SweetWater is always about tree-hugging--or better yet, water treadin'-- by raising funds using their brew sales to particularly keep flowing waters clean via initiatives like the Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper so that we can all get our swimming, fishing and drinking on worry-free! Now passing the $250,000 mark, SweetWater continues their momentum of responsibility by introducing a new member of their bottle family, the Waterkeeper. Its a Hefeweizen Ale, an unfiltered wheat brew at 5.7 percent ABV capped off in a 22 oz. ceramic bottle that will be available throughout June through right on time for the summer. I am in Detroit (and I had a blast!) but I am jumping on the plane to head back to The A and hopefully score a sample so that I can let you know how good it is. In fact, on May 19, SweetWater plans to provide a sneak peek on May 19 at Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper’s annual River Revival which kicks off Atlanta’s “Save the Hooch” campaign. Knowing how SweetWater gets down, I am sure they have done  great job with this one as well!
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  1. Ale,

    Had my sneak-peak and this is an Excellent "Keeper". I am not a reviewer like yourself. I keep it simple ► this beer is clean, smooth and extremely enjoyable. Those words were echoed by those in on this sneak-peak.

    Drink local,
    Support local causes,
    Enjoy local flavor.