Friday, August 12, 2011

Atlanta Beer Festivals Are Coming!

Yep! Besides all of the awesome beer dinners, special meet-up spots for beer geeks like myself, and just awesome beer overall, Atlanta is about to host at least three major beer festivals starting with...
  • The Sandy Springs Beer Festival is today! Last year was a very calm, chilled out vibe with a good amount of brews for everyone to get their sip on, so expect the same this time around. There might be tickets left, so go here in case you are one of those last-minute folks.
  • The super gangster HOToberfest touches ground on the 1st of October. These HOToberfest guys really go out of the way to pamper their guests with more than 225 beer variations, live music, mini-whiskey barrels, stuff for the kids to be distracted while drinkers get their sip on and judge. (Whaddup Alan, Tryon and D!). Well-timed indeed, this beer festival in on the first day of the official Atlanta Beer Week organized by my boy Reid, the Atlanta Beer Master. The response is already crazy because their “Admission Early Bird special” is Sold Out!
  • Then comes my homey Mike D and his Great Atlanta Beer Fest at—get this—Turner Field, home of the Braves! This is the first time this is going down in the stadium’s history and it should be a blast. And the even more cool thing about this is the organizers planned it specifically for my birthday on October 8th! Okay, maybe not, but this is still one helluva gift! Trust me, Hank Aaron Drive is about to be off the chain! 
Of course, there will be a couple of other big brew events coming up that I will be providing a ton of more info as they get closer, plus post-coverage so keep checking in! Here is the breakdown below on the three beer fests.

See you at all of ‘em!

2011 Heritage Sandy Springs Beer Fest
Where the hell is it? Heritage Green, 6110 Bluestone Road, Sandy Springs, GA 30328
When is this thang? Today!!! Saturday, August 13, 2011; 4-8 p.m.
How much bread? Admission is $25.00 per person and includes beer tasting
What the hell is the website?
Straight from their tap:
“Kick back and sip on a unique selection of specialty beers at the 2nd annual Heritage Sandy Springs Beer Fest on August 13th! The Beer Fest will be held from 4-8 and will feature live music, great local food and a variety of beers to sample.
The Heritage Sandy Springs Beer Fest takes place at Heritage Green on the Sandy Springs Society Entertainment Lawn. No outside food or beverage is allowed. Pets and smoking are not allowed. Parking is available on Sandy Springs Place in designated parking lots and in the Sandy Springs United Methodist Church's Hitson Activity Center lot, on Sandy Springs Circle.
“All the proceeds will go to Heritage Sandy Springs, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.”

2011 HOToberfest
Where the hell is it? Glenwood Park Community; 916 Glenwood Park Drive, Atlanta GA 30316
When the hell is it? Saturday, October 1st, 2011; 2-7 p.m.
How much bread? Prices vary. Check out the three options below. On sale now!
What the hell is the website?
Straight from their tap:
HOToberFest, Atlanta’s best craft beer festival is also the city’s best sustainability festival, promoting smart living and raising money for two great non-profits. Once again we will feature free live music all day, an artist & craft market, great food & beverages and our no-charge kid's area.
Plus, the Beer Tasting features three options for our great judges!

General Admission “Beer Garten”
3-7 pm $30
175+ Beers

“Firkin VIP’ Tasting”
2-7 pm $75
50+ seasonal, cellared and exclusive casks.

“Designated Driver Ticket”
3-7 pm $20
If you don’t want to drink but you want to hang with your friends we are offering a Designated Driver ticket.

2011 Great Atlanta Beer Fest
Where the hell is it? Turner Field, Atlanta, Ga.
When is this thang? Saturday, October 8th, 2011; 3-8 pm.
How much bread? The first 500 tickets will be just $25. After that, $35 advance, $45 day of event, and they will all go on sale Wednesday, August 17 at 10 am.
What the hell is the website?
Straight from their tap:
“We are proud to announce that the Great Atlanta Beer Fest at Turner Field will be held on Saturday October 8th from 3-8pm. Turner Field will provide an outstanding atmosphere for what will soon be the biggest beer festival in all of Atlanta. We will feature hundreds of different beers to sample from all over America, as well as a great selection of European beers.
The bulk of the Great Atlanta Beer Fest will take place in the Grand Entry Plaza and Monument Grove. Scout’s Alley will be open and the games will be free for beerfest patrons. College football will be on the 18 TV’s all over the Chop House, so you won’t miss the day’s action. There will be live music on the stage of the Grand Entry Plaza; the band will be announced soon.


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