Tuesday, August 9, 2011

5 Seasons’ Brewmaster Crawford Moran taps two vintage brews tonight!

My man and legendary Atlanta brewmaster Crawford Moran has been featured on my site a few times, including the write-up I did on his literally hot beer, “Lady Gaga,” which he served  up during one of the worst Atlanta ice storms ever here. Well the man behind the brew at 5 Seasons Westside is at it again, tapping two vintage brews (one dating as far back as 7/22/09!) tonight that he crafted personally for us cherished ATL sippers: The “Johann’s Grand Cru” and “House of Louis.” And to show you how cool he is, he sent me poetic descriptions of each, along with their ABV potency. Check it ooooout:

Crawford sniffin'
some hops
Crawford writes about the Johann’s Grand Cru: “Vintage 1/15/10. 7.2% abv. It was brewed with 100% Belgian Pilsner malt, a little dextrose in the kettle and 100% Saaz hops. The Belgian yeast gives off nice notes of grape, muscadine, peach and apricot. We then aged it in a new French oak barrel for about 5 months before keg conditioning it. The keg has been in the Cellar for an additional year. The barrel imparted a beautiful backbone of oak with nice vanilla notes from the wood. With time a slight lemony character has evolved which melds nicely with the oak.”

Crawford writes about the House of Louis: “Vintage 7/22/09. 9.5% abv. It was brewed with Belgian Pilsner malt and small amounts of both malted and unmalted wheat. The Belgian saison yeast is incredibly complex, producing an amazing array of flavors; tropical fruit, berries, apples, exotic spices and a faint earthiness. We then aged it in a Louis Latour pinot noir barrel for over a year. The barrel imparted some nice color, a wine character and beautiful oak. Despite its strength it finishes very dry. After the year in the barrel we keg conditioned it and it has spent an additional 8-9 months in the Cellar. Time has added even more dimensions as plumb notes deepen, it continues to dry out and a faint tartness starts to show.”

See you there!



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