Friday, September 16, 2011

Georgia's new Red Hare Brewing has hopped on the scene!

Try Red's Gangway IPA and Long Day Lager at taps near you!

We all loved Red Hare's brewbies!
Undoubtedly, Atlanta kicks major tail in the beer world. I have been documenting this southern revolution since 1990 and it has been overwhelming since the mid 2000s. Well now comes Oktoberfest 2011, and the spirit of this global beer celebration has hit our city with a a good way of course! Besides the awesome events going on starting this weekend (especially Der Biergarten I wrote about two days ago and Deckard's Sausage Fest also on Saturday at 3 p.m. that I will post up later), I was recently invited to taste two introductory beers by a new brewery called Red Hare based in Marietta, Ga. just outside the perimeter (the district's first brewery). They were pretty damn good.
I met with the two founders, Bobby and Roger, their distributors of Red Hare and some fellow homies at The Square Pub in Downtown Decatur. We all sipped the Hare's two initial releases: the Long Day Lager (5.2%)  and Gangway IPA (6.2%). I thought the Long Day was definitely something special; it reminded me of a well done pale ale, but still having that traditional crisp finish of a lager. The well balanced Gangway was up next and its Chinook dry hopping provided a great essence of grapefruit at a 6.2% ABV potency. I was really impressed by the work of founders Bobby and Roger, and I expect big things from them. It is awesome how they started with just a couple of beer kits, brewing in Roger's basement in Marietta and three years later, bam! Red Hare is alive and kicking.
Definitely sip some of their hoppy goodness at glass and growler filling stations around Atlanta and Decatur including Hop City, the Bucket Shop and, of course, The Square Pub, so show them some love!

It's three taverns' 10th Anniversary!

  Whaddup?! What I consider one of the best beer companies in the Southeast, Three Taverns , is celebrating a decade of brewing excellence...

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