Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Wrecking Bar is going ‘Coconuts’ tonight!

My man, Wrecking Bar Brewmaster Chris Terenzi, is leading the insanity

One of my favorite couples—Wrecking Bar owners Bob and Kristine Sandage—have pimped out one of the major landmarks in Little Five Points into a “must” location for beer. Thanks to the Sandages, a great staff and Brewmaster Chris Terenzi, Atlanta has yet another awesome hangout to get some quality suds brewed directly on site. Well, with Atlanta Beer Week in full swing, that white Victorian mansion on Moreland Ave. will be hopping again tonight with two highly anticipated “one and dones” on tap along with nine others for our sipping pleasure!

Around 7 pm when things get going, I am definitely going to lift a pint glass of Chris’ Aztec Stout and, in the case of the Coconut Aztec Stout, I will be sipping it from an actual coconut! Bob recently said, “The instant Chris let me try this combination of Jemmy Stout, buckwheat honey, lactose, chipotle pepper, and roasted cocoa nibs it became a top-10 caliber beer for me.  And that doesn't come easy.  To top it off, we will be serving a limited amount of the Jemmy Stout and Aztec Stout from coconuts.  The beer has aged in coconuts for almost a week, giving it just the right touch.”

Like I said, they are going “coconuts” at the Wrecking Bar!

Oh yeah, and they have a beer dinner for a mere $30 popping off tonight as well including something called “Beer Caviar.” What the…?!!! “It is all awesome,” Bob explains, “but I will point out that the beer ‘caviar’ may be one of the most unique beer-food creations I have tried.  The beer is reduced to thicken and slightly concentrate the flavors and a meticulous process creates small ‘pearls’ that resemble caviar but there is nothing fishy about them.  The pearls are perfectly matched with the appropriate cheese, sitting on top of the cheese and a house made cracker.  The pearls release all of that great beer flavor when chewing it with the cheese and cracker. You must try this!”

Here is the rest of the menu. Check it:

Sweet and Spicy Asian Shrimp Cocktail
Beer Pairing: Victor IPA

Roasted Red and Gold Beets with Goat Cheese, Arugula, Candied Walnuts and Orange-Hefeweizen Vinaigrette
Beer Pairing: Nelson Golden Ale

Altbier-Braised Pork Ossabucco with Mustard Greens and Turnips
Beer Pairing: Alted States Sticke Alt

Cheese Course
House-Made Crackers with
Great Hill Blue Cheese and Jemmy Stout “Caviar” & St. Andres and Dunkelweizen “Caviar”
Beer Pairing: Choose Jemmy Stout or BaDunkeldonk

For more Wrecking Bar info including locations, times, yada yada yada, go here.

See you there, homies!


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