Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ale's literally Cruisin' For A Brewsin'!

Ladies and Gents: The Celebrity Silhouette
Hey Brew Heads!
I can't be long due to those dinner bells ringing, but I will be sure to update my stay on this awesome cruise ship called the Celebrity Silhouette launching from New Jersey's shore. Just hitting the seas this year, I was able to get on board this newbie from their stellar fleet and check out not only its first class amenities, but especially my highlight: Michael's Club. A chilled out bar on floor 5 of 15 (!) boasting more than 60 different beers from breweries across the world for our sipping pleasure, Michael's validates that craft brews are finally getting their due props on land and sea!
I will give you an official write-up and, of course, some hot photography to show you what I am dealing wit. I mean, hell, I have to represent my name tag that surely reads: Ale Sharpton-Beer Writer. Gotta love it! 
I miss y'all already!
Bon voyage!

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