Friday, November 11, 2011

On the way to Tybee, baby!

Tybee Island on the fly
I had a ball at the Brick Store and sipped some amazing brews thanks to my home Mr. Avery repping his fantastic brewery, Avery Brewing. I am also giving a shout out to the Brick Store fam including Dave, Mike and Lee, plus my homies who were there stuffing their faces with me: Alan, Reid, Jen, Will, Bill and Andrea to name a few. It was a blast! Look for pictures soon!
Now I'm on the way to Tybee Island, meet some media friends (whaddup Mike, Toren, Stayce, and Jill!) and hope to hit up a few brew spots on the way (Savannah's Moon River anyone?), eat at some of their fantastic restaurants and rest my head at one of Oceanfront's awesome palaces. 
Speaking of "resting my head," another wondrous business that I am going to try out soon is Southern Belle, a company that offers gorgeous lofts and homes for temporary stays on both Savannah and Tybee (as you can see in the picture below). 

You can learn more about them at
Stay tuned for my brew and leisure reports soon!

It's Georgia Beer Day 2023!

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