Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Next Stop: Los Angeles!

I juuuust got back from Tybee which was a really relaxing time, and then I had to repack, throw some boxers in the washing machine and then jump on the next plane to the City of Angels: Los Angeles. While here, I am staying at the Omni in Downtown which is not far from a spot I was getting my sip on last year, the Yard House in the L.A. Live Center. Besides the Staples Center where my boys Kobe and Blake Griffin entertain millions (or used to for that matter), I had a helluva good time drinking Green Flash IPA from this elongated, 3-foot glass called a "Half Yard."
Anyway, I am back and I had to find a brew I have never had, so I went to this chic bar on the 3rd floor of my hotel and sure enough, I scored with the Coronado Golden out of Coronado, CA made with (5.4%) Czech Saaz Hops (top). It was actually really tasty, well balanced and not whimpy in flavor; it was one of the better pilsners I have had in a while. I bought a bottle and rushed up to my room because I was due to eat at an upscale Chinese spot called Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills. I definitely give the Coronado folks a thumb's up and I am looking forward to trying more of their product during my two-day stay.
Mr. Chow was pretty damn good and of course, since it was "The Hills," a few celebs were in the house including Mickey Rourke. Paparazzi was waiting outdoors for me and Mick (okay, just Mick) as they do with all the hip spots, of course. Anyway, the shrimp (pictured) was my favorite.
Okay, I gotta bounce. My boy Kevin is about to take me to some cool beer bars he claims rival my spots in Atlanta. We will see. Stay tuned!


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