Friday, November 18, 2011

Peace out L.A. Hello Detroit!

The Escondite head honcho Brian Houck
holding up some gangsta sippage.
Whaddup Brew Sippas!
So I just got back from Los Angeles this morning and I had a freakin' ball! I hit up two amazing beer spots called The Escondite (awesome brew and the best chicken sandwich I ever had called the Slim Pickins) and the Far Bar in Little Tokyo (ridiculous brew selection including the delicious Nelson IPA by Alpine Beer Co.) a few blocks away. 
Kicking it with Kyle, the Far Bar homey.
As for other partying destinations, I bounced off the walls at The Colony nightclub; chowed down at Mr. Chow's and the House of Blues where D.C. rapper Wale was performing; and then sipped a bomber of Stone's Arrogant Bastard while crying from laughter at the Comedy Corner thanks especially to comedian Essau McGraw. Dude was nuts! 
Oh, and the grand finale was the L.A. Auto Show. I saw some of the illest cars during the first media day (the public can see them this weekend) and I can't wait to write about them. The concept cars were jaw-dropping by the way, and there were certainly some praying hands of other journalists who hoped a few of these dream cars would actually hit the streets and revolutionize anything on four wheels. In fact, here is a sneak peek of a Cadillac that needs to be terrorizing the roads now! Ladies and gents, the Cadillac Converj designed by man, General Motors' Ed Welburn & Co:
The Cadillac Converj was sick and might really get produced!
CRaZy, right? And it's a plug-in hybrid! 
Anyway, I am packing in a frenzy so that I can get at least two hours sleep before I head to Detroit for the weekend. I loved it so much about half a year ago (remember this article?) that I had to make a return trip and explore more of this resurging metropolis. Look for coverage on its beer scene, grub and the plush Cadillac Book Hotel under the Westin umbrella in a few. I am about to pass out. 
Wish a bro a safe flight. 
I will holla atcha.

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