Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Vote Today For Sunday Sales!

Fight The Power!
Okay, so there is this cool thing out called "voting" where you can express yourself by filling out a ballot for what you believe in. Heard of it? Well exercise the hell out of this right, get down to your local booth (go here to find out where to go) and put your vote in for supporting Sunday Sales of alcohol in Georgia. 
Beer lovers, wine sippers, imbibers of spirits and people who simply want the right to choose what they can buy retail on Sunday have finally got the opportunity to vote for this after years...better yet decades of opposition from lobbyists, certain religious groups, hard-headed lawmakers and probably folks who don't want to work on Sunday to name a few. 
Remember that Cruisin' For A Brewsin' video I did a while back that got a lot of love in support of the Georgians for Sunday Sales Coalition rally held on February 23 at the Georgia Capitol Building's steps? Well here is a refreshment just in case:

Also, here are two blog posts I did a while back in support of the cause, including the breakdown of the bills we want to pass, and the actual listing of those House reps who voted for and against SB 10 which gives us the right to vote on Sunday Sales:

See you at the voting booth and then eventually Green's, Hop City, TowerAle Yeah! or wherever with a six, four-pack or 750ml of quality brew in hand! 

It's Georgia Beer Day 2023!

Whaddup Y'all?! Let's get our sip on in and support breweries across the state of Georgia and cop one of these glasses while you’re ...

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