Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tim Tebow now has beer honoring him called 'Tebrew'!

The one perfect marriage that will always withstand the test of time is beer and sports, but who knows how long the mania created by Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow will last? Well Bonfire Brewing out of Eagle, Colorado ingeniously decided to show admiration for the proudly pious field general the best way they know how: by brewing a barleywine called Tebrew: The Sunday Sipper
Yep, the Bonfire crew, a quintet of Coloradans (Andy Jessen, Matt Wirtz, Amanda Hensley, Ken Hoeve, and Phil Jessen) are set to unleash a potent beast that is already making headlines nationwide without pouring their first 10 oz. serving!  (I mean, hey, they made it on this site didn't they?) Well it makes sense. Tebow is simply the man not only in Denver for his now legendary number of 4th quarter comebacks, but for thousands of others globally who are inspired by his lifelong dedication to Christ thanks to his parents --missionaries who birthed him in the Philippines prior to raising him in Florida. 
Adding to their fleet of about 19 brews including a few variations of wheat ales, IPAs, porters (I want to try the Tent Pole Porter S.E.) and others, Bonfire adds The Sunday Sipper as a barleywine. Barleywines are one of the most strongest beer styles ranging from about 8 to 12 percent alcohol by volume which are typically full-bodied, hoppy, earthy, and chewy, hopefully balanced with some sweet notes of tasty things like toffee. Oh, and it favors some properties of wine to some degree. More accessible versions of barleywine include the Victory Old Horizontal, Bell's Third Coast Ale and Denver's own Great Divide Old Ruffian
Ultimately, have a few glasses of a barleywine and you couldn't sack a bag of groceries, let alone a scrambling quarterback. 
Anyway, to complete their Tebow admiration, Bonfire's logo emulates the pigskin slinger's signature kneel (popularly called "Tebowing") with a silhouette doing the pose, complete with a mug of brew in hand. Funny!
There is no doubt taps will be, well, tapped out in no time when this brew hits the local bars. Unfortunately for cats like me who live a few thousand miles away, we will just have to hear how good it is. Bonfire says they are only brewing 150 gallons with about five of those gallons being served at the nearby Vali Big Beers Festival, which sounds pretty damn awesome, sipping beer out there in the Rockies and all. 
So what if the God-fearing Tebow disapproves of his name being associated with alcohol? Well according to Bonfire, "He may not [approve], as we've heard he isn't a beer drinker, but we're all hoping to toast a victory this weekend! Hope it helps send good vibes their way."
The only thing different about Bonfire's Tebrew is that it can be dangerous for all four quarters of a game, so prepare your defense accordingly!


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