Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hopslam! I got your ass!

Man, it has been painful hearing all the hype about where Bell's Brewery's Hopslam--arguably the most revered India Pale Ale next to Russian River's Pliny the Elder and Three Floyds' Dreadnaught IMO--is getting poured around Atlanta due to it being deadline day for the magazine I am the editor for, J'Adore
Well I didn't score a six which was going for $16.99 at Green's up the street from me because they sold out on Tuesday in less than 22 minutes, but I finally knocked down an 8 oz. at The Porter for under five bucks! Believe me, it's a great IPA and it is a favorite pastime of us beer nerds to rush to the store to get a six, but at the end of the day, I am not running over street-crossing pedestrians and squirrels with a death wish to buy some. On tap is one hell of a treat and if I get some in a bottle, I get some. IPAs don't age well any damn way. 
Anyways, here is my happy face drinking one at one of my favorite beer bars (thanks for the picture, Andrea!). Try and get some while you can. 
Oh! They had the Founder's Double Trouble as well and that! The hops were screaming for attention so I ordered a taste before going to the Jailhouse Beer Dinner at the Edgewood Corner Tavern (which I will be posting later because it was a blast!), so like Schwareznegger wearing the locs and a badass motorcycle jacket, "I'll be back!" The D.T. was awesome! It must be a Michigan thang.


  1. If you need a quick trade for a bottle, I'd gladly take a bottle of Terrapin! :)

    1. Anytime my friend! Let me know what version you are looking for and I will make some calls!

  2. Scored a 6-pack just a few days ago. I like the beer but am not as overly enamoured as many. Still, it's a fine IPA (or IIPA).

    1. Yeah JayTee, I have heard mixed reviews but hey, Hopslam is still the shizznit when it comes to beer hype! I dug my 11 ouncer though. Cheers!