Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Twain's, Hopslam, Jailhouse Beer Dinner and FoodBlog South? Niiiiice!

Twain's brewer Chase Medlin happily gave everyone at their media tasting a 'Black Eye' and sipped to it afterwards with no remorse! He's currently seeking anger management between brewing shifts. 
What's up, my peoples???
Yeah, I know, I have been out of he mix for a minute but I have been working my ass off trying to get the new issue of J'Adore Magazine out and it hasn't been enough hours in the day for a brother. Of course, I still find time to enjoys some great brews that are currently out (look for some serious coverage soon), but in the meantime, here is what's poppin' on the fly. You know I couldn't leave you hanging for too long, right?

1) I just went to a private gathering with some of Atlanta's top brew dogs--I'm talking the owners of The Porter, veteran beer scribe Bob Townsend, the Brick Store crew (Happy birthday, Dave!), Eddie from Ale Yeah!, the Leon's fam, Beer Street Journal's Reid Ramsey, and a gang of others--to check out the new brews on tap at Twain's in Downtown Decatur. I will have to say they were all pretty damn fantastic and are available now for sipping bliss! Get over there a.s.a.p and especially try new site brewer David Stein's mastery including the Tropicalia IPA (made with a new hop blend called Zythos), the deliciously robust Aunt Polly's Porter, and arguably the best Black IPA in the South, the Black Eye Roasted Rye brewed by Chase Medlin (above)! The small, spicy sausage bites paired with them all well, too! Ever since I featured them in the November 2011 issue of Jezebel (see "Pub Love"), I am expecting big things from Twain's in the future after tasting these top-notch suds and quality grub.

2) Mayday! Mayday! The nationally renowned IPA brewed with honey called Hopslam by Bell's out of Michigan is on tap at spots like The Porter and Brick Store
You know, Hopslam? The one that I am sippin; in my logo? The one that mercilessly has everyone in a frenzy nationwide when it comes out for like one week annually? Well since it's been out since last Friday, it's evident I must be crazy busy if I haven't had it yet. I may have to sneak over one of those spots later on today before it's tapped out. You might want to do the same! Call around and see who has any left. I'll do the same.

3) And last but certainly not least, there is a killer 3-course beer dinner tonight at 7 pm hosted by Hampton, Georgia's Jailhouse Brewery and Edgewood Corner Tavern
It should be a good one. Personally, I love beer dinners where chefs and brewmasters flex their culinary muscles to see what pairs the best creatively and, well, deliciously. Wait, is that a word? Well it is in my house just in case! Anyway, I believe they might have a couple tickets left at $50 a head (call 404.577.2310), so if you are like me and always wait until the last minute, grab 'em before they are ghost!
Here's the menu and info:

Beer Cheese Soup with a Boston Bibb Salad
Served with Slammer Wheat

Chorizo Stuffed Pork Tender Loin Braised with Breakout Stout
Served with Hot 3 Bean Salad & Broccoli Rabe
Almond Crusted Salmon with a Tarragon Burre Blanc
Served with a side of Grilled White Asparagus
Served with Mugshot IPA

Served with Breakout Stout


And with that, I say peace until next time. Oh, and I can't wait to hit up Birmingham, Alabama for the FoodBlogSouth 2012 Conference this weekend, where I will be hosting my very own beer seminar with suds provided by the local brewery, Good People! Check out this link for details.

Cheers y'all! And again, sorry for the wait.


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