Thursday, January 5, 2012

Two Classics: Public Enemy’s ‘Nation of Millions’ and Oskar Blues’ Gordon Imperial Red

Only three left in my G-Unit posse!
What the...! I just went to Best Buy to check out a few things and as usual, the CD racks lured me over. Reminiscing on artists I have loved to blow my speakers with over the years, I came across arguably the best Hip-Hop album ever made, Public Enemy’s It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back (1988) for an astounding $4.99!!! 
I remember when I bought it back when it first came out in a tape case for two bucks more than that! Chuck D’s passion and lyrics on the mic; the instrumental interludes; Flavor Flav’s best exhibition of being the best hype man ever; the live concert clips in London; Terminator X killin’ the turntables; and the banging beats? Classic! Even though I had that album already, I had to get it again just on principle. I will give it to my nephew Kingston and show him what real rap is that has an actual message and direction. Fight the Power!
Anyway, although a six of Lowenbraus was my choice beer my senior year of high school back in Shaker Heights, OH. (Go Red Raiders!), I revisited this five-star CD of perfection with a can of the Oskar Blues Gordon Imperial Red (8.7%, 60 IBUs) out of Lyons, Colorado. The theme? Honoring the pioneers.
Blogging of which, Oskar Blues got legally hated on by the Gordon Biersch chain of breweries for using the name “Gordon,” which O.B. graciously named after Gordon Knight—a Vietnam vet, Purple Heart recipient, legendary craft brewer and fireman who died on July 30th, 2002 in a helicopter crash while fighting the Big Elk Meadows forest fire just miles from the Oskar brewery. (Check out the full story here.) Hence, there are no more cans of this excellent ale using that name produced anymore. The Gordon came out in 2003 and its name was changed to “G’Knight” in January, 2011, but thankfully the formula didn’t; it’s still just as excellent, winning all kinds of awards left and right. Yeah, I could have kept this Gordon single for EBay or some sh*t, but hoppy brews don’t age well and, hey, I have three more. Plus, Public Enemy deserves the honor.
So, should Gordon Biersch reserve the right to solely own the name Gordon? As track number three says on A Nation of Millions, “Don’t Believe The Hype!”



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