Friday, December 30, 2011

The Samuel Adams Infinium: The true ‘Champagne of Beers’

Moët who? School Champagne sippers with this one!

What do you get when the largest American craft brewer in the U.S. collaborates with the oldest brewery in the world? Champagne! Well, not quite. It is technically a fantastic beer called Infinium, but the average imbiber would easily confuse the two.
I couldn't wait!
The story goes like this: The great minds of the Boston-based Samuel Adams and Germany’s Weihenstephan Brewery—founded in 1040—accepted the challenge of creating a beer that emulated the tasting characteristics of champagne. The only catch was they had to follow the strict guidelines of Reinheitsgebot—the German beer purity law established in 1516 that states beer can only be brewed with water, hops, malt and yeast. After two years of experimentation with numerous varieties of the essential quartet, Samuel Adams and Weihenstephan released Infinium just in time for the Holidays of 2010 to rave reviews. Now, the second installment has hit the shelves and it’s flying off them. Presented in a sexy 750ml bottle complete with the corked top, the Infinium pours the same inventive concoction: a golden hued, fruity, effervescent potion with a slight tartness and dry finish set at a potent 10.3 percent alcohol by volume.
So if you didn’t get the chance to deck the halls with this bad boy, for just under $20, Infinium will be perfect to pop off the New Year...if there are any left! 

Happy New Year, Folks!

Ale Sharpton


  1. Had a bottle last year around the holiday and wasn't impressed with it at all

  2. My man! Thanks for the candid review. To each his own, right? For people who don't know much about beer, they loved knowing it can come in so many different varieties. What did you have for New Year's Jeff?

  3. Nothing to write home about, was at an All-Inclusive NYE Party with basic big box brews. Earlier in the day I was enjoying a few Victory - Storm King Stouts, given to by a friend who swore by it and are delicious.