Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thailand: Loving it!

Kickin' it with monks, a street vendor shows Ale some love, and sippin' American craft beer in Bangkok! 

What the...??? Is that someone doing the patented Ale Sharpton hold up of
 Wild Heaven's Ode To Mercy in Bangkok? Hell to the yeah!
As expected, I am loving Thailand!!! Since I am going off of four hours of sleep in two days, I am going to make this a picture-heavy post, and then I am off to celebrate the New Year in the traditional Thai calendar in Chiang Mai. It should be nuts! 
As a recap, here are a few things I did in Bangkok before jumping on the plane with a few other super-cool journalists from the States. We kicked it at...

The Flower Market

Beautiful flowers were being sold everywhere as well as street carts. This afroed-out hipster named Daniel showed Ale some love! He loved my sticker so much that he put it on his drink cart next to his Che Guevara sticker! I am now officially on the map in Thailand! He was rocking a D.A.R.E. shirt, too. Love it! You da man, D-Nice!

29th annual Four Seasons Bangkok Monk Ceremony

It was an honor to be the 29th annual Four Seasons Bangkok Monk Ceremony by the pool. People came, prayed with the monks and gave some offerings to them. It was something.

The Jim Thompson Museum

Truly a wondrous place this former U.S. intelligence agent during WWII, alleged spy, businessman and later silk king of Thailand had in Bangkok. When in town, you need to hear some of these interesting, enlightening, and even haunting stories Mr. Thompson life generated. By the way, this pineapple stuffed with seasoned rice, raisins, pineapple chunks and prawns served in the property's restaurant was SLAMMIN'! (That's a good thing folks.) I was warned that it may be sweet, but compared to many American Thai spots dishes, it was nowhere close to that. It was well-balanced and delicious. No insulin needed.

Sippin' Wild Heaven's Ode To Mercy in Bangkok!

After a soothing massage at the Oasis Spa (I could get one every hour of the day, no lie!), we went back to get our things at the awesome 5-Star Four Seasons BKK (Bangkok) Hotel. Since the service was so perfect, I broke out a little surprise. Knowing that the beer scene is severely limited in Thailand with virtually no ales, I whipped out something this country has never seen before: my favorite imperial brown ale made by Decatur, Ga.'s own Wild Heaven Craft Beers called Ode To Mercy. I scored some plastic cups, the lovely head of PR from the U.K. (above) got a pour (she said it tasted like something ideal to accompany breakfast) along with my fellow journalists, and a few Thai locals I befriended in the hotel. At 8.2 percent of deliciousness, Bangkok ain't seen 'nuthin like that! You know you can't can't keep Ale away from ale, right? Plus, I always represent my peoples back home, no matter where I am! Craft beers forever!

Okay, there is tons more to share, but right now, I am off to Chiang Mai to celebrate the New Year! Stay tuned! 

La gon!


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