Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hey Utah, Here I Come!

People joke around and say I have a second residence in Utah because I have been there so many times, but in reality, I simply love to escape, take in the natural environs, and enjoy some of the best beer the States have to offer. That's right, I said it. Quite simply, don't sleep on the Beehive State when it comes to ales and lagers. Besides it's overall beauty boasted by majestic mountains, world-renowned skiing, and ridiculously nice people, their microbreweries are simply awesome. From the Squatters/Wasatch collaboration to up-and-comer Shades of Pale, they know their suds! Sure, they have to be 4 percent or under when poured by the tap, but they mastered that too, with tasty, full-bodied brews that made you swear otherwise! But for bottled potency, 750 ml specials like Uinta's Crooked Line kick some major tail!
Oh, and as you see below, they know their whiskey too! Just ask High West!
Anyway, I am heading there now (running late actually), but it's on! Last time, it was tranquil Park City. This time, it's Salt Lake City. Look out Epic, UintaBeerhive, the last regular season Jazz game, Pago, City Creek Center... aww man, too many to list, but I am going nuts over there and I want you to come, so let's kick it! 
See you on the West Coast in a few! 
Your homey,

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