Monday, April 23, 2012

Okay, one last Thailand flick...

My Thailand homey Daniel

This was one more shot I had to get up on the site because it's real as hell. This is Daniel. He noticed my Ale Sharpton logo on my camera bag when I passed him on one of those crazy streets of Bangkok in the Flower Market district. His blowout hair, D.A.R.E. t-shirt, and kickass coffee drinks he was making at his mobile food cart, said he was the perfect cat to rock the Ale Sharpton sticker. He immediately put it next to Che (I showed his cart in the last posting here), and I was hella honored. That meant a lot. 
So as promised, D, here's to you and that brew from another mother you are blessing the people of Bangkok with. If I didn't have that can of ice cold LEO beer in my hand (5 percent ABV), it would've been your coffee instead!
Your dude,

And oh yea, I'm probably lying because there are so many more killer photos! Stay tuned!
Ale once again

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