Saturday, September 1, 2012

The I'm A Beast show was unreal!

Special thanks to you, Oskar Blues!
Man, the I'm A Beast: The Second Killing art exhibit presented by me new agency AllWays Open Creative was packed and off the chain! 
AllWays Open killed it at
I'm A Beast: The Second Killing!
The crowd was so diverse with beer lovers, art lovers, music lovers... it was like "We Are the World" up in there! DJ Rasta Root (my favorite sound provider, hands down), Hebru Brantley wowed attendees with the live art, and one of C. Flux Sing's pieces sold for $1,500 that night! It was amazing and my AllWays Open crew including Chief Designer Eric Nine, Photographer Mike Moore, Prop King Chris "Rated R" Rindal, and Sculptor Shawn "Dark" Knight was instrumental in making this one of the most memorable events this year! There was Oskar Blues Rep Dave L. pouring tastes of the Deviant, Old Chub, Dale's Pale Ale, Gubna, and Mama's Little Yella Pils, door prizes, dropped jaws because of the gangster art, cocktails, and even some boogeying down on the dance floor until 2 a.m.!  We need more events like this and I am dedicated to bring make 'em happen!
I am going to hook up photos from the night, but in the meantime, I had to send out a special thanks to everyone who made it possible: 'Nuff respect to Sam Flax; Sound Table's Injex and Billy; Speakeasy Promotions; Andrea Janise; Rebecca Red; Kevin aka DJ Swirv; 4Ize, TruthKinko'sBemHOToberfest; Creative Loafing; Thrillist.comSha; Claudia; OMG! CupcakesBeer Street Journal's Reid Ramsey; Rick Jacksonand a gang of others (forgive me for not listing you but I will!). 
Oh, I can't say much yet but look for an incredible event by AllWays Open Creative (our official launch) and SweetWater on October 18th at their brewery! I will be making an official announcement by the end of next week, but it is going to be unlike anything you have ever been a part of, trust me!!! 

Last, I want to thank you for reading my site and being in my corner. It means a lot, so cheers!


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