Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I got robbed!

Here is just one of the bags we had in our room when we walked in...
Yep, my hotel room at the Radisson in Orlando got robbed with no forced entry!

Hey fellow craft beer lovers!
What a crazy effin’ week this has been starting with the 4th of July. I had a blast in the Sunshine State until I got robbed! Check this out:
My Uncle Jay at 90!
So I drove to Fort Lauderdale with my family for my Uncle Jay’s 90th birthday and 60th anniversary with my lovely Aunt Delores, right? We had a blast and decided to break up the long ass drive on the way back to the ATL by hitting up Orlando for a Saturday of fun. We stayed at the Radisson Hotel on International Drive which is super close to all the world class attractions the city boasts (Universal Studios, Disney World, etc.). Anyway, we asked the front desk where the cool restaurants were, putt-putt, and, of course, the beer bars for a night cap. We went swimming and then hit the town, including some shopping at a great  pick-a-six selection inside Whole Foods (I love that place!); a quick stop in World of Beers for pictures; fantastic grub (I got the salmon) and a 22-oz Cigar City Jai Alai IPA at Brick  House Tavern and Tap; and then some miniature golf at Pirate’s Cove. Everything was in walking distance to my hotel, mind you.
Anyway, we get back to our room, slide in our key, enter, and see all of our clothes thrown all over the room, bags open, and a ridiculous amount of things missing including:
  • ·         our laptops
  • ·         our Canon SLR camera
  • ·         my backup hard drive (I brought it so that I could finally find the time to relieve my computer of some serious memory space and dump photos. It also had my really gangster photography and awesome videos of my mom who passed away not too long ago.)
  • ·         my nephew and stepson’s Playstation 3 and numerous games
  • ·         my damn toiletries bag (really???) which included my Prilosec and super expensive CREED cologne
  • ·         plus my 3,000 albums on my computer and hard drive (I was in the music biz for a while) and a ton of other things too long to list that are coming up daily.

The items I listed could not fit in that little ass safe so I don’t want to hear that as a defense.
Anyway, we were never offered another room, the police were helpful but I have yet to hear anything since, and, get this: TWO OTHER ROOMS WERE ROBBED WITHIN THAT SAME TIME FRAME WITH NO SIGN OF FORCED ENTRY AND WE ALL HAD 'DO NOT DISTURB' SIGNS ON THE DOOR! 
Sounds weird to you? Inside job looks like the smartest assumption, right? I will not let this sh*t get swept under the rug. They don’t know who they are messing with. Radisson better come correct. That’s all I have to say. So far, I have not been impressed with the urgency.
Anyway, I am here, maintaining my duty as an informant on anything hot going on in Atlanta and beyond, so tomorrow I am launching a list of things you might want to strongly consider checking out if you are in Georgia’s capital for the month of July.
Oh, and thank you so much for checking the blog out daily. I love y’all for real! Stay with me. I got you covered.



  1. Man that is BOGUS! The least they can do is keep you in the know during the investigation. Good looking out though, the wife and I will not be staying at a Radisson anytime soon buddy.

  2. Dude, you need to be blowing up the Radisson's SM channels about this ish. If they won't take the lead on straightening out the issue, some pressure from the blogosphere might be in order...

  3. That's awful. Thanks for the warning and here's hoping you get your stuff back.

  4. You're a media person. Use the media to pressure Radisson into doing something.

  5. I definitely am making as much noise as possible. Thanks so much for your support everyone! I am keeping the faith! Your comments keep me coming!

  6. Check your homeowner's insurance policy - it MAY cover part or all of the loss. I'd also consult a lawyer about suing the hotel.

  7. Looking at those angles, everyone will definitely think that it was an inside job. To think that there was a total of three break-ins during the time the guests were outside. It’s really confusing. I hope it has been resolved already. Otherwise, the hotel will lose face, and guests will not be able to trust them well enough to leave their belongings when they go out.

    Kerry Lewis @ Westminster Security