Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's the 80th Anniversary of Repeal Day!

Thanks to the 21st Amendment, craft beer is legal!
I can't lie, I love watching all of those captivating, violent and witty gangster movies and television shows based on the crimes of selling liquor and beer during the Prohibition mandated under the Eighteenth Amendment  via the Volstead Act between 1920 and 1933. Of course, those pubs and breweries of yesteryear were not as inventive, utterly delicious ales and lagers we are lucky to indulge in today (we're talking mostly lagers in the 5 percent ABV range served in glass mugs like the one above), but the spirit of sipping the world's greatest beverage remains in tact for the past 80-plus years. 
In case you don't know about Boardwalk Empire, get HBO On Demand and step your game up! This official 'Cheat Sheet' should help.
And with that, I say hoist a glass to the ongoing movement of brewing finely crafted ales and lagers; phenomenal film productions like Boardwalk Empire and The Untouchables; and the overall freedom to do whatever the hell we please in the U.S. an extent.
I am hitting up a few spots in Atlanta including the Wrecking Bar for the new batch of Hop Noggin, West Coast-style Double IPA birthed by my homey Neal. What are you up to? Whatever you choose, just make sure it's a brew that's, well, gangster.



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