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The Annual Cruisin’ For A Brewsin’ Last Minute Gift Guide

Get your Santa Claus on, brew style!
Time is ticking away in countdown for exchanging gifts that actually don't suck, so I am coming to the rescue with these slick libation-oriented goodies that will even make the Grinch click heels with a brew in hand!
Hoppy Holidays!

MiiR Growler
This space-age beer vessel makes me wanna growlla!
I am already digging the looks of this stainless steel growler made by MiiR who boasts it’s the “world’s first insulated, threadless growler” that keeps 64 ounces of beer cold for 24 hours and liquids hot for 12, but when it was disclosed proceeds their Growler For Good initiative to provide clean drinking water to those in need globally, it was a no-brainer to include it in this Gift Guide!

Raising the Bar on Bar Food 
Book It!
World renowned journalist and All About Beer Magazine Editor John Holl’s new book The American Craft Beer Cookbook documents how he hits the road and publishes 155 beer-centric food recipes from chefs, brew pubs, gastropubs and even with a mission to prove how gangster fare, ales and lagers are in perfect harmony for the world to enjoy! We’re talking Harpoon Brewery’s Winter Warmer Pumpkin Pie, Southern Tier Brewery’s Free Range Super Pancakes and Uncommon Brewer’s Lemongrass Chicken to name a few. Bon appétit!

The Kegerator Pro 60
Gaming, music and beer in one machine? I’m sold!
The California-based company Dream Arcades has created the ultimate man cave monster. The Kegerator Pro 60 is an arcade machine with a 60-inch HD screen showing off more than 140 pre-loaded classic arcade games including Galaga (my favorite), Ms. Pac Man, Centipede, and Street Fighter, plus three taps to pour your —a-hem—favorite carbonated beverage! As if that’s not enough, there’s also built-in MP3 software to transform it into a jukebox, two built-in cup holders, more game options (Street Fight anyone?), and most importantly, no constant runs to the laundry mat since no quarters are needed. Game on! ($4,999)

Tokyoflash Japan Kisai Intoxicated Silicone
Know when to blow when!
The minds—and fans—of Tokyoflash Japan continue to develop some of the weirdest, coolest, futuristic and, in this case, practical watches coming out the Land of the Rising Sun. This newly released Kisai Intoxicated Silicone flaunts a built-in breathalyzer. Once you blow in the side of the watch, a color-coded scale ranked from 1 to 10 tells whether to make your drink the last one or call a cab. It comes in black or white with a silicone strap. Oh yeah, it tells time too. ($149)

Dr. Homebrew
Book it!
After coming across this extraordinary novella written by Snow Hudson based on the independence of brewing craft brewing from a fictional, comical and strikingly illustrated perspective (Chiara Rogazzo is gangster with the art), I had to show love! The description is so on point, I am posting it word for word below straight from Snow so that you get to feel its vibe as well. Great stuff!
“An unassuming Psychiatrist by day, Dr. Max Mason and his assistant, Amber, work after-hours in their underground laboratory making the world’s best beers. Unfortunately for Max and Amber, the global corporation, Lake’s Ltd., has forced all independent beer brewers out of business. Pursued by Mr. Wig (the CEO of Lake’s Ltd.) and the clueless Chief Inspector Hastings, Max and Amber dodge one close call after another in pursuit of having their home-brewed beers distributed amongst the general population.
“Will Max and Amber ever be able to sell their delicious drinks in the real world? Will Mr. Wig or the Chief Inspector ever find out who Dr. Homebrew really is? Who is blackmailing Dr. Max Mason? And will Max and Amber ever acknowledge their feelings for one another?”
There’s also Dr. Homebrew’s How-To Beer Book which educates us on how to make our own batches of cold ones in the comfort of our castles step by step! Awesomeness!

Trianon Tequila

Three the agave way!

There are typically three popular variations of tequila determined by its aging—Blanco, Reposado and Anejo—but award-winning distiller Trianon from Jalisco, Mexico takes things to another level to separate them from the rest. Besides using the meticulous process passed on for three generations of using solely the nectar direct from the heart of hand selected Blue Weber Agave plants, the “Tri” in Trianon is legitimized with three stacked, hand-blown bottles storing each style of tequila. Not only does their “Triple Bottle” packaging look extra chic on your bar, but the contents inside are damn good as well!

KRUPS 2-Bottle Wine Aerator and Dispenser
Pour vino in style.
For the serious wine drinker, put your two choice bottles of vino in this hi-tech dispenser and no one will question your sophistication ever again. An aereator regulates vino’s worst enemy—oxidation—through vacuum-pressurizing (5–7 days for white wine, 7–10 days for red wine), plus you can set your individual chilling temperatures between 7 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Crate and Barrel stores sell these babies so grab one and take your grape-sipping experience to a whole new level thanks to Krupp. ($499.99)

By the way, along with some of the stuff above, I also featured other cool gift ideas for Urban Lux Magazine’s website here!

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