Friday, December 13, 2013

Want a gangster Imperial IPA? Get Palate Wrecker now!

Green Flash's 'most complicated' IPA is bizzack!

I will keep this post simple. 
If you want to toast off your weekend with a gangster imperial IPA, grab a four-pack of Green Flash's Palate Wrecker IPA now
I just ran across this quartet of funk at Green's on Ponce the day I arrived back from the Bahamas to reawaken my taste buds from the absence of IPAs on the islands (besides the Great Divide Hercules Double IPA I happened to find in my suitcase here) and saw the Wrecker. It was a no-brainer. Grab some if you are a true hop head or aspiring to be one. 
Already known for how generous they are with the hops, the San Diego-based brewery admits, "It’s the most complicated West Coast–style IPA we have ever brewed—mashing and sparging with hopped wort, in addition to our hop layering regimen for IPA." At 9.5 percent ABV and way over 100 IBUs (International Bitterness Units)—more like an astounding 149 at last count—it's still not overwhelming and oddly very drinkable. Still, after being blown away by its citrusy, piney nose, sip with caution and an open mind... or it will open it for you.


Come the screening of Award-winning film 'One Pint At A Time'!

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