Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Here is Dogfish’s new artwork for their 2014 seasonals!

Check out the dope labels designed by renowned artist Jermaine Rogers!


If you know your boy Ale, it's evident I love art so I had to feature some dope artwork by one of the best beer companies on the planet! The Delaware-based brewing king Dogfish Head just sent me the new labels for their 2014 Aprihop—a delicious and refreshing American IPA brewed with apricots at 7 percent ABV—along with their other three seasonals, and all of them are banging! Dogfish has always been heavy in the art game (the Miles Davis-inspired Bitches Brew is my fave!), and they continue to keep things visually stunning thanks to renowned artist Jermaine Rogers.
Brother J chillin'. (From his Facebook page.)
Originally from Houston, Texas, the now Brooklyn-residing Mr. Rogers has already garnered much love and respect for his ability to create instant classic posters for numerous icons including David Bowie, Nirvana, and Radiohead, so it was a no-brainer for music lover—Dogfish Founder and President Sam Calagione—to sign him on board to bless their four upcoming seasonals—Aprihop in the spring, this summer’s Festina Peche, Punkin Ale in the fall, and the Piercing Pils to help us chill out in winter. Animal-inspired with a feel of anime, pop art and, of course, some weird edginess, I am digging all four joints. There will be T-shirts and posters available for sale as well once Aprihop hits the shelves in early March. (Keep posted on all the release dates on Dogfish’s website here.)
In an interview with my homey Justin Williams and Dogfish, Jermaine says about the Aprihop bunny posted at the top, "The bunnies are one of the more recognized characters I've done. My wife and I originally intended to have no children, so we got some bunnies on a whim ... so I would sit around sometimes and just draw them. I always liked the juxtaposition of drawing these cute little animals that are a little bit weird." 
Here are Jermaine's thoughts about the other three labels below:
 "I've used the raccoons to interact with the bunnies. ... You hold up a squirrel and kids will think that's cute. You hold up a rat, and they're like 'That's gross!' And the only difference is the tail. I like to draw and mix things that get a reaction." 
Jermaine Rogers
"The first time I used these bears on a poster was for KMFDM back in 1995, and ever since then I've built a whole universe around them. I call them 'dero.' It's the idea that things are happening in our society and our world and our history, and they're happening for a reason. There are unseen hands pulling the strings." - J.R.

"The cat is something I pulled out new for this. I needed to perfect a cat, so hopefully people like it."  - J.R.

Again, much love to Dogfish, Brother Jermaine, and anyone else giving the craft beer world some funky sh*t. I plan to keep on doing the same.


Check out more of Jermaine Rogers’ gangster work on his website and Facebook page here. Also, read the dope article Justin Williams wrote on Jermaine on the Dogfish Head website here


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