Saturday, March 8, 2014

More info on tonight's Superhero Pub Crawl!


How beautiful is today? For those who are not kicking it with a lot of my craft beer-sippin' homies at Cigar City’s5th Annual Hunahpu’s Day (like myself), there is always something else crackin’. For instance, besides Goose Island’s Migration Week, there was to the fourth annual Superhero & Supervillain Pub Crawl in ATL I featured here. In fact, I asked the founder, Meredith A., to give us some more insight. Here is what she said along with some tips in order to kick it to the fullest in East Atlanta Village:

“To give you a little background on me and the evolution of the crawl, it started with a few friends gathering for a birthday celebration. I have a big heart for giving back to the community and due to the popularity of the crawl, it has turned into a fundraising event for local non-profits. I want the community to feel like this crawl is as much theirs as it is mine and I try to get input from them whenever possible. SHARE House was nominated by someone in our SHSV community and they will benefit from this year’s crawl. SHARE House assists victims of domestic violence (”

To get the most out of this year’s crawl.

After your wristband is securely fastened...

1. Keep your phone handy!
Reference throughout the night for the bar schedules and drink/food specials 
The East Atlanta Beer Bear will be onsite for photo ops and will be selling tickets to the EAV Beer Fest 
Take lots of pictures! Email them to and we may feature them on

2. Make sure you are registered for the COSTUME CONTEST hosted by the Glenwood! 
Registration will take place at Graveyard Tavern from 7-8 pm. The top winner from each of the three categories (best superhero, best villain, most creative costume) will walk away with $50 Glenwood cash! (This cannot be used night of the crawl.) We highly encourage original superheros, and supervillains. Just make sure you have a super power and back story ready to go! 

3. Show some respect!
We pride ourselves in being peaceful in such a diverse group. Whether you are a hero or a villain we all get along for this one night. (And we always make sure we tip well for the great service we receive in EAV!) 

4. Get home safely
Enough said.



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