Friday, January 30, 2015

Check me out on Atlanta Eats' website!

I give my draft picks to this awesome show for the Super Bowl!


After getting a call from the great foodie television show Atlanta Eats about pairing beer with the food popularly served during the Super Bowl, I gladly obliged and served up some lip-smackin' sippers! 
Shouting out local breweries in Georgia, throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and even overseas, I happily listed creations from SweetWater, Terrapin, Ballast Point, Green Flash, Unibroue, Oskar Blues, Stone, Bell's, Founders, Creature Comforts, Victory, Samuel Adams, Weihestenphaner, Rogue, and a few others to make sure everyone is happy when watching the game. I was even asked to pick what beers represent each team, what to drink if your team wins or loses, and my winner of the Super Bowl (Seattle).
From smoked wings to pizza, I stepped up to the challenge and named some awesome beers that would either complement, contrast or cut through all the fare set to hit tables worldwide.
My opening paragraph goes like this:

Sure, there is the sports element and hype of Super Bowl XLIX coming around, but it’s also one of the best eating and imbibing extravaganzas of the year. Everyone might be using their eyes to watch the game, but the mouth is getting a lot more action overall. With that being said, it’s an honor to pair some delicious ales and lagers with all of the fare that is about to be wolfed down on Sunday for my homies at Atlanta Eats. Now let’s get to it!

I had a blast doing this. To add, I will be on another Atlanta Eats episode soon so look for that as well. The first one had me as a guest at the Porter Beer Bar with Steak Shapiro here.
A shout out goes to my homey Krista. Here's the link: Ale's picks for Atlanta Eats
Anyway, enjoy this weekend and have a blast during the big game. I know I will! Much love to you for visiting my site too. You know I appreciate it!


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