Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Girl Scout Cookies and Beer? Let’s rock!

My dude Kraig Torres of Hop City couldn't wait until after the photo shoot to bite a cookie. (Dope photos by Laura Relyea/ScoutMob)
Come by Krog Street Market and try this one-of-kind pairing with me, Hop  City and Scout Mob!

Hey Y’all!

The word is out about my upcoming Girl Scout Cookie and Beer Pairing next Monday, February 23rd, and again on March 2nd, and I wanted to give you a personal account on the blog. (That’s what it’s here for, right?)
Well, I worked with ScoutMob before when they did a feature on me, so when the idea of pairing beers with Girl Scout Cookies surfaced (marketing guru Bill Kaelin was seminal to this by the way), there was no better place to do it than the Hop City based in Inman Park's newest shopping sensation, Krog Street Market. Besides their jaw-dropping bottle section, Hop City has an adjacent bar based in the main atrium featuring more than 400 beers on tap! To add, the super cool and knowledgeable Kraig Torres—the owner of Hop City—and I have a bit of history because I actually helped him open his first of three locations on the west side of town a few years ago. Since then, we have always stayed in touch and, of course, he saw me frequently buy from his locations (he also has one in Birmingham). Anyway, after meeting up with everyone and doing a test run, things worked perfectly and now it’s officially a go!
Now, due to my education as a Cornell University Hotelie, plus having an extensive background in the culinary arts thanks to my family’s catering history and especially my mom and sister Simone’s mastery in the kitchen, I know flavor. (I am also no slouch with the pots either, but that’s another story.) Combine that for my love for beer, and it only makes sense to encourage, promote, curate and host pairings with fare any time possible. This one is my most eccentric to date and I happily accept the challenge. I mean sheesh, ales and lagers can be chocolately, smoky, citrusy, earthy, fruity, sour, roasty… Pair them with those irresistible baked circles of oral pleasure and it’s a match made in heaven!  
I hope you get a chance to book a seat and maybe treat a companion while we enjoy the awesome cookies everybody and their mommas love. Of course, everyone has a favorite (I freeze my Thin Mints), so look for at least four variations. And like all of my events, there will be some other surprises as well. Here is the link to the witty write up by ScoutMob’s Laura Relyea along with a link to the tickets. (She took the photos too.)
I hope to see you there!
Some quick facts:
·         It will be seated
·         There will be a beer with each cookie selection
·         You will get more than one cookie (unless it's the really rich, think ones!)
·         There are two shifts each night, so four different time slots are available
·         Kraig and I will both be hosting this one so attention will be spread around. 

Oh yeah! I have a beer dinner coming up with the slick eatery Food 101 on March 5th as well so stay tuned for that too! 

Much love and thanks!


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